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Facebook – French Voice Over

Facebook Business France Voice Over

Facebook recently launched its new page “Facebook for Business”; a page that helps business owners reach out to more people thanks to their friends’ recommendations. I was very excited to lend my voice to one of the most famous social networks of our generation. Go to Site

“Infohorsdoeuvre.com” – English Voice Over

Infohorsdoeuvre.com Narration (English Voice Over)

When the media company Y Interact launched their new concept “Info Hors D’Oeuvre”, the name in itself was definitely calling for a touch of ‘je ne sais quoi’ for the narration of their video. My light French accent was exactly what they were looking for. It was a real pleasure to work with the young and dynamic team of Y Interact on this project.

KAYAK – Tagline French Voice Over

KAYAK France

KAYAK is well known for its ‘out of the ordinary’ TV commercials. The “J’Adore KAYAK” commercial is there to prove it once more. I was very proud and happy to be the voice of the tagline for this spot, which aired nationally in France for several months.

Discovery Kids – French Voice Over/ Translation

Discovery Kids - French Voice Over/ Translation (Kids 4-7yrs)

In this series, I play the main character Fishtronaut, and I also lend my voice to many other characters including the Capybara and the Giant Otter in this episode. Out of the 52 episodes, I translated 26 of them, including this one. Fishtronaut is an eco-friendly fish in an astronaut outfit. Each episode teaches children that it is important to respect the environment in a fun and pedagogical manner. Find out more at AnimationMagazine.net.

Stella Artois – English Voice Over

Stella Artois Voice Over

For its highly anticipated 1-800-My-Chalice campaign, Stella Artois decided to use a humoristic yet professional IVR system for people to call. The little touch of a European accent I have was exactly what they were looking for. Lending my voice for this project was an absolute blast. You can call and hear my voice directing you to your perfect Chalice!

French Voice Singing Sample

Singing Sample

In 2002, I created “Pandore” which was composed of a guitarist, an accordionist, a cellist and myself at the mic. We competed in festivals and played at well-known venues such as The Baiser Salé or the MCM Café. In 2005, Pandore recorded a single (piano, vocals) “Plume ou Enclume” which was included on a compilation featuring famous French female singers/ songwriters. Find out more at Virgin.fr and read more here.

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